Hi: I’m Steve McPherson.

So here’s what happened: in 1992 I fell in love with the Atlanta Hawks and Dominique Wilkins. I would watch their games on TNT when I babysat kids after those kids went to bed. ‘Nique. Plastic Man. Kevin Willis’ stunted arms. Jon Koncak. I had one of those great black baseball hats with ATLANTA in a sans serif font and HAWKS in big, pseudo brushstroke letters. You know the one. But then the Human Highlight Film got traded to the Clippers and I lost the thread.

In 1994 I had a Trailblazers hat like that Atlanta one. I don’t know why. I also bought a Shawn Kemp jersey in 1998. Don’t ask.

Fast forward to my second year out of college and the Sega Dreamcast. NBA2K made me an Allen Iverson and Sixers fan. Matt Geiger. Theo Ratliff. Larry Hughes. A created center with 99 Speed named Cowboy Jim. They were a great team. I learned to hate Kobe. Then, in 2001, I went to my first NBA game at the Target Center. A little research has revealed that they played the Blazers and won by 4 (and wow, who remembers Felipe Lopez?). I don’t remember the game per se (I also went to the NCAA championship game the next night) but I knew Kevin Garnett was my new favorite player. After moving to the Twin Cities in 2004, I experienced the Wolves’ amazing playoff run with a group of friends old and new at the Groveland Tap. We were there every night, it seemed, for the incredible Kings series and then the heartbreak of the Lakers series.

I grew up a Red Sox fan, so I’ve always thrown my chips in with the underdog. Becoming a serious Timberwolves fan was easy for me, and I’ve stuck with them through the Garnett trade, Kevin McHale’s draft nights, through Randy Foye and Pecherov and Ndudi Ebi and all of that nonsense. And now: Ricky Rubio.

Then, the other day on Twitter, Matt Moore (I think) said Wolves fans were giving him grief for saying that Michael Beasley wasn’t a top 100 player in the NBA. I said it was hard for us because when Beasley is hitting, as he was when he downed the Clippers last year with a last second shot they STILL replay at every game, he feels like a top 100 player. But feelings aren’t numbers. And Myles Brown said that would be a good name for a blog. And here we are.

  1. Simon Capelli-Welter said:

    hey Steve,

    I’m Simon Capelli-Welter, I’m french and a big big nba lover. First game I saw was one of the Finals between the Knicks n the Rockets, in 94. Then, I was a bit a Knicks fan, till the emergence of the Kings, you know, the so cool Adelman Kings. After that, I was a bit confused, without any team to truly support. A bit of this (the Spurs discours de la methode, Ginobiliii / or Celtics pride, Rondooo), a bit of that (the CP3 DWest Hornets), a bit of encore for the Evans Kings, but nothing deep, nothing serious.

    But now, since Rubio debut, Adelman playbook, the Pek-citement, the all you need is Love, the Tell ur crew to B-Easy, the may the force be with u Luke, I totally root for the Wolves. I even begin to think I was a wolf since ever without noticing it.
    Enough talking.
    You’re doing a marvellous job with your website, your writing is excellent and your point of view are brillant and clearly exposed in all their complexity and poetry (in motion – emotion).

    Like Tyler says: Wolf Gang.
    Take care and keep working.
    Good to go.

  2. Simon Capelli-Welter said:

    oh yeah.
    And congrats for ur daughter man!

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