The Spurs, Fugazi, Black Coffee, Steely Dan, Kobe Bryant, Whiskey, and Dostoevsky

From this past week: I wrote about how I acquired the taste for the Spurs’ particular brand of immaculate basketball in much the same way as I came to love black coffee, whiskey, Fugazi, and Steely Dan; I also took a close look at Kobe Bryant’s fourth quarter shots in Saturday’s Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder and found parallels between clutch, faith, and Dostoevsky. Both of the above were for Hardwood Paroxysm.

Things have been a little slow on the Timberwolves front with them sitting the playoffs out, but things will pick up again once we get into the offseason. Maybe I can even learn something about the players in the draft ahead of time for once.

Steve McPherson


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